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    That 40th Week .. The Final Stretch and Finding Zen.

    All of us mamas have been there… that FINAL stretch! They tell you after 36 weeks you’re full term and the baby can come whenever and you can expect a healthy and smooth delivery! We’re all guilty of it… wanting that baby out once we get that green light! It was always a toss up for me, I used to tell myself the baby can stay in as long as he/she wants – thankfully, pregnancy both times was easy, I was enjoying the perks of up-front parking and eating seconds all day long. 😉

    When you’re in the 39th or 40th week, the best thing you can do really is turn everything off. Social media especially. It will be non-stop messages and non-stop hormones and your chances of seeing news articles pop up or depressing videos is at an all-time high. So you clean, you prep, you try to enjoy some “me” time, whatever that means. But unless you turn off your phone, you’re going to be inundated with texts and calls of, “is the baby here yet?!”

    A part of you wants to say either of the following:

    • No, if I gave birth you would know.
    • Seriously, still no. Don’t message me again unless it’s to ask for my favorite toppings and where to send the pizza to.
    • Why do you care and how will this really make your day better.
    • You know what, I am going to give birth to this baby and not tell anyone.
    • Who are you and how did you even know I was pregnant.

    I mean, all sorts of thoughts go through. So when my friend Natalia messaged me on Monday telling me she was having contractions and going in to the hospital, naturally, I became the very person I can’t stand. Every day I was waiting on a photo of a baby or some news… nothing. And I have asked EVERY DAY. To be fair to those like me, she’s not finding out the sex until she gives birth, so the suspense is kinda doubled when people do that, right?

    I’ve just checked and we have 97 mutual friends online.. so this could stop some of the texts/calls… maybe? She wrote to me and I am posting it up, along with some photos we took several weeks ago with her family, before they become five. Enjoy!



    Thanks for checking in with baby #3’s progress! I am still here and to everyone’s texts I would like to scream from the hill tops a resounding, “YES, I’m still pregnant!”. I don’t mean that to be snarky, but I can’t help it! I was so confident this pregnancy would go the same as my other two. You should have seen me walking into the hospital 4 days ago when my contractions were a level 4-5 and 8 min. apart. (remember, Ive done this before. ALL NATURAL!) Well that pompous attitude carried into the night!

    I walked into the hospital to meet the first nurse who quickly reminded me, “ma’am its hospital protocol that we take a wheelchair.” “That’s okay. This is my third. Ive done this before. I’ll just walk next to it.” Ya…It gets better. I reassure the labor nurses who introduce themselves of how easy of a patient I’m going to be and that I’ll be out of here four hours tops. I get an actual “L.O.L” from them both as they tell me of this apparently well known fact that your third delivery is always a WILD CARD. Well, curse be dammed they were right! There I am contractions galore, dilating to 3cm and THEN…nothing. That’s right! NOTHING! I ended up being discharged after two hours of waiting. There I am packing my things up, Aaron has a tripod and a suitcase and pillows, and we walk out only to pass by all the people I had previously told of my magical deliveries.

    Although that moment was horrible the worst part was letting my cockiness trickle down to the kids. I had promised River the next time he saw me I would have a baby in my arms. Of course he was nothing but understanding and showed no disappointment whatsoever, but I felt that lump in my throat that I couldn’t swallow. I am lucky that the next day was met by my love being nothing but supportive even though he has the pressures of 3 other co-founders texting and calling over pressing matters of a start up. I also had my mother-in-law who rode this roller coaster with us greeting me with breakfast/lunch/dinner and plenty of laughs/gossip to keep my mind off of things.

    So where do I stand now? Well, to say that I am humbled would be an understatement. It has been so difficult to find peace or a piece of relaxation for myself with the move up to L.A. and Riv starting a new school and Aaron working harder than ever and Sueño exceeding all expectations. This incident made me realize that with all the pressures of life, this process is out of my control. My body is my own, but the little developing human nesting inside of it  has its own clock that its going by and its not for me to force it. I have finally entered my pre-labor zen mode and today I celebrated with cleaning the house and designing for the new dining room. I have taken some creative time for myself to write this blog and melt into the words as I know they come straight from my heart, but could be heard from the mouths of many mothers. I realize that the nesting process does not just include a clean house and organized baby clothes. It includes a moment of peace to focus on the creation of life that is not of this world. To encounter the miracle that is a woman’s body which builds this tiny human and future member of society. To ask a process so magical to abide by my earth bound time lines is a joke and now that I understand that, I am able to laugh at that joke and not be it.


    We all wish you the safest and speediest delivery Natalia! Cannot wait to meet your 3rd addition! <3 Hang in there, Mama!

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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