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    The Comforts of the AirBnb Experience

    Written by: Louann Walker
    If you’re into traveling and unique experiences that are off the beaten bath, you should definitely try out AirBnb! Maybe you’ve heard of them before but thought it was only for people wanting to crash couches or share rooms. You can actually rent out a whole apartment though and that’s what we usually do. We discovered AirBnb a few years ago and love it. Before I tell you why it’s better than a hotel, let me tell you a little more about what it is.

    Through the AirBnb website, you can find local hosts willing to rent out their unique places to travellers. You can stay in someone’s spare room, stay on someone’s sofa, or you can even stay in an entire empty apartment or cottage like mentioned above (the option we usually go with). You can stay one night, a few days, a week, or even a month or more.

    We love AirBnb when we travel and here’s why. You get to live like the locals in unique nooks of town and you get more for your money with lots of space, comforts of home, and many hosts even provide breakfast.

    Finding the perfect host is an easy process on AirBnb’s easy to use website. Chase and I prefer extra security, for ourselves and even more so now that we are traveling with our son Carson. For this reason, we have only ever used AirBnb to rent out an entire
    apartment, never any shared space. So we tick the boxes for entire apartment and wifi, two things very important to us when traveling. There are always lots of hosts that suit the criteria. You can narrow it down even more by looking at their map and choosing spots with an area you’d like to stay or setting a price maximum for your budget. Next, you look over all of the options, paying special attention to photos of the space you’re renting and reviews. Reviews are so important to us! We only stay with hosts that have more than a couple of very positive reviews. You can narrow your search down even more to only include “Superhosts” who have been reviewed many times and have passed security checks. Hosts have their ID verified by scanning in official ID and connecting AirBnB to their social networks. Now everyone starts somewhere so if you’re up for an adventure, the spot with few reviews may be just for you. Just make sure the host is confirmed and has reviews on them from possible places that they’ve used. Safety first!

    A few other huge perks in staying with AirBnb is that you can often check in early or out late. You just ask your host and if no one is booked before or after you, they will usually extend your stay.

    A little now about my most recent AirBnb experience. A few weeks ago, Carson and I made a trip back to Louisiana to visit family and friends and for me to capture a few couples engagement photos, a wedding, and portrait sessions. On our very last day before leaving, Mom and I were chatting about our flight leaving super early the next day and decided we wanted to drive into New Orleans that evening and get lots of rest before Carson and I were to head out. Of course, I said “Mom, I must introduce you to
    AirBnb.” Within minutes, I had booked an adorable little shotgun apartment in New Orleans last minute for the following night, near a wonderful Greek restaurant for dinner when we arrived and a bakery/market to snag breakfast goods early the next
    morning before we went to the airport.

    Upon arriving at our AirBnb that evening, the place was just as described. It was homey and had the perfect amount of space for our quick stay, full of charm and comfort. We had a great nights sleep and enjoyed a wonderful, breakfast of free range eggs and  goodies from the local Sugar Shake Bakery in the apartments adorable kitchen the next morning. The photos are to follow. I hope you give AirBnb a try on your next adventure.

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    Photography by: Pearl Walker


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