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    The Deets is Five.

    My darling Amelia,

    Why do I feel like this birthday greeting to you should start with an apology? It seems as though your mama can only think of things to tell you “sorry” for and make promises to try harder to be the best mother possible.. and while many I know might argue with me and tell me to quit all of that nonsense, I know that it’s only because as your mother (to which, I cannot thank God enough for that privilege!) I am already sealing the deal with the mindset of: my children deserve the absolute best in life. And yes, while you are still in your innocence you DO deserve all the best in this world! Amelia, you are compelling. Do you know what that means sweetheart? You are a force. You have this powerful and irresistible effect on everyone you come across. That force requires attention and ultimately, admiration. I cannot count the times people come up to your mama and tell her, “that is one smart child.” Or, “Your daughter is an absolute joy!” The compliments go on and on. Your father and I look at one another often and we continue to be in shock and awe at the beautiful soul in you.

    I have so many favorite moments from your fourth year.

    • The times you comforted your brother on your own when you thought no one was watching. Sebastian would cry (at times for no reason at all) and you would hold him, you would wipe his tears with your shirt or bottom of your dress. You would tell him, “Sebby, everything is going to be okay. I love you Sebby.” Do you know what a treasure of a sister that makes you Amelia?
    • The times you would sneak in to our room late at night and once you got in to the bed you would wake up your Daddy and tell him to go sleep with Seb so he wouldn’t be alone. Daddy would listen to you! He would be suckered in and let you take his spot! I couldn’t believe it. Oh the worry that sets in. Haha!
    • The sentences and words you’ve taught your brother… despite our best efforts we catch you in a corner teaching him to say things like, “Shake your booty!” “What up Dude!” “Oh hey girl!” Amelia, you fill this home with laughter and we love you for it. Now please un-teach Seb the part where he likes to rub his naked behind on my leg right before he gets in to the shower… I know you taught him that!
    • How about the times you choose to have deep conversations with me in public restrooms?! The worst time to be bringing up certain questions when strangers are standing outside waiting for us to pee. You like to ask me inappropriate things like, “Mom, how come some times you have hair down there and some times you don’t?!” or “Mom, when do I get boobs?” -_-
    • And one of my favorite moments: When we were recently at Disneyland and there was a young boy in a wheelchair behind us in line for the Winnie-the-Pooh ride. This boy was about 10 years old, he couldn’t see out of one eye, and he was being strolled by his grandparents who were directly behind him. With the utmost concern in you, you turned to me and asked, ““Mom, what’s wrong with that boy?  What can’t he walk? What’s wrong with his eye? Can he see, Mom?” I looked at you and said I didn’t know, and in an instant you turned to the boy and asked him, “What’s wrong with you?  Why can’t you walk?” The boy’s grandmother said, “He has been able to walk since he was a little child.” “Since I was young,” the boy said, “I couldn’t see too well with my eyes.” “Yes,” his grandmother said, “He also has problems with his vision.” And deep down inside, it really troubled your heart.  You just refused to accept the way things turned out for the little boy. You turned to me and said, “We should pray for him, Mom!” I have to admit, I was taken aback by your persistence, and a part of me wished at the time that you would just drop it and just be quiet, since I didn’t know if that was awkward to pray for this boy and how his grandparents would feel. That’s the beauty about you, Amelia. Your relationship with God is real. You understand better than any adult that I know that God is just a prayer away, and you can seek Him at any time. You didn’t sense the embarrassment in the air. That wasn’t important to you. You stood right by the boy, put your hands together and began to pray: “God, you need to make this boy walk.  You also need to fix his eyes.  God, you need to make him see and walk.  You need to make him see and walk like me and my brother.  God, you need to fix him.  Amen.”  I kept my eyes towards the front of the line but that was not because I wasn’t so incredible proud of you (and in shock once more), my eyes were welling up with tears. You make Mommy so proud Amelia, you are the better and best version of me!

    Amelia, I am so excited to see what’s in store for your 5th year. I am sad at the fact that you are growing up too quickly, but I am also overjoyed at the person you are becoming. I get to witness all of that! Me! May this year bring you more answers to all of the questions you have. I love you too much! <3 Mom

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