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    The One Thing to Ask After a Child’s Birthday Party


    Amelia’s birthday came and went! We were able to celebrate with close friends. This year was especially hectic with being right smack in to our wedding season. We debated up until 2 weeks ago if we should even have a party since we had no weekends free. We decided that the guilt would eat us alive if we didn’t at least have something small. Ohhh that parental guilt that just never goes away..

    The day started off with “vacation bible school” for Amelia at our church. She got to play for close to 4 hours with her friends there, then she came home for a nap and woke up ready to play again with all her friends who came to join for her birthday! While Jeff took the kids to that, I stayed home and continued prepping for cake and dinner that was to be served at the house afterwards. There was no real plan, just tire out the the kids and then feed them cake. Haha!

    When all is said and done, the success of a child’s birthday is in one sentence after the entire thing is over. When everyone left and she had her bath and was ready for bed, Jeff and I asked her one thing: “Amelia, did you have fun today?” To which our 5 year old responded with: YES!!

    I think our expectations as parents needs to decrease significantly and we need to remember that as long as the kids are having FUN, there is really not much else you have to do. Here are some photos from the events yesterday, wish you were here and hope to see you and Otto SOON! Love you!


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    Photography by: Jeffery Cruz

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