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    The Toots Turns Two!

    Two years ago today I was on my way to a hospital, contractions were coming in a 5 minutes apart. Within hours (that I will not get in to detail about), YOU came in to my life. You, along with a hefty appetite, came in to our world with a thunder. Who knew that this little babe would grow even more and more beautiful every day – soul and all! Who knew such a charming personality would come along and fill up our already about-to-burst-with joy hearts.

    Every single day you make me happy. Your mischievous smile and grin followed by the cutest booty-shake you like to do, and how you are already imitating your sister. (Watch out, she’s laughing now but she won’t care for it at all in a few years, that’s okay, Mommy will still laugh!) You are the clown in the family Sebastian! You enjoy making us laugh and you do it so well. I cannot wait for the coming years and the side-stitching laughter you are going to be giving us all, along with a wink and a smile. I ADORE you, my son! I absolutely, 100% adore every single inch of you and I am ecstatic that God gifted us with the best job in the world of raising you and your sister.

    My Sebastian, my Sebby, my Sebas, my Sebs, my Bash, my Toots, my lil’ PT (I won’t spell that one out because that one is only for the family to use, plus your teenage self will turn in to the Hulk if he saw that I posted it): Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy! I hope your dreams are the BIGGEST, I cannot wait to see what this year brings!

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