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    The Toughest Day This Week

    Dear Becs,

    Wow. It’s Friday. You have only two days to pack up all that mumbo jumbo at your place and believe me if we weren’t stuck with work and meetings with brides and other photographers (did I tell you I’ve been networking? Whole other story for a whole other blog), you can bet I’d be there to help out this week. It’s not just the meetings, it’s also that we have kids and they are a full time (fun-lovin’) job themselves.

    Besides. Don’t know if you’ve heard about it by now but this morning after dropping mom off – since dad took the CRV to you with that drafting table – I was headed back to the house and I made a left turn and must’ve hit something on the road because the frame of the Camry is fine but both left tires blew out on me! The tow truck guy said if I had hit the median then the whole bottom of the car would’ve been scratched up but that wasn’t the case. Either way, I was all emotional. On Dad’s way back from the city he came to get me, head over to the tire place and then we had lunch.

    It was super hard (and still is at times) to leave San Diego. Lots of stress, weight of worrying on my shoulders and thoughts like, “are we making the right decision?” still happen from time to time. We miss our friends dearly, and sometimes I am still in denial that we have moved here. Being in a new place is never easy, but as long as you’ve got Brendan and Otto, you’re home. We’re only a flight away. There’s also Skype, we’ll just have to plan accordingly with the time difference. I know this move will be good for you and hopefully your business. You will have so much more space to work and Otto will have so much more room to play. He’s gonna need it- that growing boy of yours! Your friends will always be here, but life does go on. They understand you’re on to bigger and better things, and moving from that small space in the city is definitely a blessing for you all.

    Below are photos I took of the kiddos and our day on Wednesday with your adorable Otto. It was a tough day with all the babies. Today was tough, but nowhere near as tough/exhausting as Wednesday. Man! Jeff and I looked at one another several times and said, “there’s no way we can have another kid!” Holy smokes! Anyone who can juggle three babies is a champion in my book. I keep reminding myself that mom and dad had maids (or, yayas) who helped while we were growing up. That would certainly make life easier, a live-in nanny. Buuuut then we’d have to live in the Philippines and… nope. Nope nope nope!¬† We kept them outside most of the day after some errands. As you can see below, the photos tell the story. I’ll narrate regardless:

    Pin ItOh just Otto and Seb chillin’ with some puffs– that never stayed in the bowl. Here’s to good immune systems!Pin ItAmelia in her fashion choice of the day came out with her new princess magic wand and was shouting her “abra-ca-dabra’s” left and right. Unfortunately, Sebastian never turned in to Peter Pan and Otto never turned in to a prince. But she said it with such gusto that I caught myself keeping my fingers crossed for these little miracles.Pin ItThen she played “doctor” with Otto, who was a very uninterested patient. She diagnosed him with, “won’t sit still!” and gave him three “shots” to the head, two abracadabras, and a bag of empty Easter eggs for “being a good boy and not crying”. I mean, check out her expression as she gives the “shots” in the third row to the left above… scary. I know I couldn’t hold still if a doctor came at me in such a way.Pin ItHer outfit was cute and she dressed herself. I did** make the recommendation for her to put a skirt under the orange one because well, she initially was wearing it around without and we all know it’s see-through. Phew.Pin ItYour poor son was not happy with all the cuddles he was receiving. But that didn’t hold us back!!Pin ItPin ItPin ItPin Itthe boys are so cute, I really wish they could grow up together..Pin ItOtto came by and snatched Seb’s puffs, while continuing to drink his milk. Your son is excellent at multi-tasking.Pin ItHello Handsome!Pin ItI’m throwing that one in just for laughs. Grandpa stopped by and picked up his doppleganger – Sebastian has the most contagious laughter.Pin Itlater on in the afternoon, Miss Amelia changed outfits and made pizza for everyone!! Jeff bought that Pillsbury biscuit stuff and she rolled those out, put flour, and added toppings. She had SO MUCH FUN and this was a really inexpensive, yummy project for this energetic three year old. I mean, she was so happy the entire time! Of course you know Amelia, she wants to do everything herself. But once she got it down, wow! And I will just add that these are super tasty. You gotta try it with Otto in a year or two. If he makes it past eating the cheese. The boys were loving the cheese.Pin ItPin ItPin ItTook her outside afterwards while the boys napped (from that big pizza lunch!) and played with these silly string cans. I recommend this as well. It’s a little messy with the clean up, but a few cans of these count for a lot of laughs and fun. It’s really the little things.Pin ItPin ItThanks for letting us borrow Otto for the day. We are gonna miss seeing him as often. <3 See you Monday!


    *All images belong to TheSisterFiles© and TaliaStudio© and cannot be used without expressed permission.

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