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    Things We Love – The Best Curler/Straightener for Kids! (Video)

    Had to share this from a live tutorial we did last night! Since the video is linked below.<3

    The brutal truth about flat irons and hair styling: You’re doing it wrong.

    And you’re not alone. 71% of women use heat styling irons.

    And here is the main problem:

    Heat Abuse.

    What if I told you:

    Your hair burns at the same temperature as paper – 451 °F. Sure, you may not see your hair literally on fire …… but once heat damage takes its toll – your (hair is) toast. I didn’t want to chance that with my daughter’s hair. For the past two years when we have events or just for days she wants to have bigger curly hair, we use a straightener than doubles as a curler. I was sold on this when I was shown that it cannot burn your hair. It doesn’t chip or damage it.

    This is the brand we use. It’s called Lionesse and although it’s a little PRICIER than most straighteners, it’s worth every penny. It does NOT burn your hair, it won’t even burn a cotton ball since it’s ceramic all throughout. Most ceramic straighteners and curlers are just ceramic-lined, this one is 100% all the way through. Highly recommend it!

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