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    Things We Love: Two Stitches Bibs!

    Just had to share the sweetest little bibs/presents on the planet! I’m never really sure what to gift when it comes to baby showers, or meeting newborns. I know the standard presents, we all do.. but something unique and memorable will always outweigh practical, right? 😉 Okay okay, except for diapers… parents will never turn away or scoff at DIAPERS. But that’s all I seemed to gift… I’m certainly a practical person.

    However, when the diapers have all been gifted, when you need something that says “I put a little extra thought in”, I highly recommend hitting up the ladies over at Two Stitches Bibs! You can customize, make requests, pair them up, or just buy 1 at a time. They’re handmade and ready to use. These are best for when the baby is obviously in their drool-bug phase, which can last anywhere from 8-18 months, sometimes longer. And let’s be honest, they’re an adorable addition to the outfits the babies wear. With as much drooling as they do, buying at least 2-3 is recommended!

    How I WISH I had these while my babies were… babies. Amelia was the biggest drool bug and Seb? He had about 4 outfit changes a day. He hated the plastic bibs and kept ripping them off. They just weren’t comfortable. I love how these bibs have a velcro in the back so it comes right off easily, they can double as an outfit accessory (seriously, follow their Instagram just to see Baby Braxton sporting his daily looks… the cutest thing!), and they’re easy to clean! Just throw ’em in to the wash and boom. Round 2. Or 3. Or 4. The prints they chose are perfect. Honestly, they are the best addition to your babe’s outfit.

    Of course the best part here is that Samantha (the owner of Two Stitches) is offering up a 20% off code to our readers! Just use the code: TALIA20 at the check out to receive your discount, and happy shopping! <3

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    Photos by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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