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    Things We Love: Wine Glass Writers!

    Wine Wednesdays and we are doubling up on a wine post and* a Things We Love post on TSF!

    We were sent a package from this amazing company called Wine Glass Writer over the weekend.

    It’s happened one too many times with me where I am drinking with company and there’s always that pause where you look down on your appetizers and wine glasses and ask, “wait, which glass is mine?” (Usually the response is “umm.. the empty one, Talia..”) I’ve been tempted to write on mine before but I didn’t want to deal with any toxic ingredients possibly getting to my drink or on the sponge while rinsing out dishes afterwards, so when I read that these are non-toxic, I was already sold!

    It goes without saying that there are many other uses for it besides on your glass of wine. Pretty clever concept… you simply use these glass markers to write your name on your glass (or get creative with a design) and wait 1-3 minutes for ink to dry. If you’re enjoying chilled wine, write or draw on the base of the glass or above the pour line.

    There’s really not much more to it! A fun accessory for your wine nights, easy to use and clean! Be sure to follow @wineglasswriter on Instagram for a giveaway we will be doing with them next week! In the meantime, you can check out their website if you want more info or to view more options! <3 Cheers everyone!

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    Photos by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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    • Vanessa - Have you ever heard of “Drinking Buddies”? They’re so much fun! Especially on a girls night out! They are tiny little men that clingy on to the side of your wine glass. The only thing they have on is briefs with their names written on them. They come in a pack of five each having a different name, color briefs, race… so it’s easy to see which wine glass belongs to you. It’s also a great conversation piece. If you look in my Facebook photos you will see pictures of Brad clingy on to my wine glass on many occasions. They have other sets as well, such as, the female version, cats, and cowboys in butt less chaps. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!!! 🙂

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