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    Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk

    Thirgatory! It’s a term that a new friend of mine had made up describing that awkward period in time where you are no longer in your twenties and you actually just tapped thirty on the shoulder. You are not thirty-one, thirty-two or thirty-three… so not quite INTO your thirties yet either. This time in your life we named Thirgatory.

    As I was quickly approaching my birthday I had instantly felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me. How did all of this happen? Where did time go? I’m turning Thirty!!! I refrained from admitting to anyone that I wasn’t taking it very well.

    My close friends who are mostly 10- 40 years older than I am joked and chuckled at me in my exasperated state and smirked as if they knew something I didn’t know,

    “You just wait until you get into your forty’s, fifties, and sixties. They were all there past me approaching birthdays with a calm cool and sexy collectiveness that I clearly lacked. They were beautiful vibrant young and alive. They looked me dead in my eyes and said sternly with such honest certainty,

    “Your THIRTIES and onward are absolute going to be the best years of your life.”

    A giant silk sheet of relief bellowed over me as the optimistic voice inside of my head resonated with their compelling statement.

    “BETTER??! THESE TRUSTED FRIENDS ARE TELLING ME THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN LIVED YET” and by the certainty in their honest eyes I couldn’t help but believe them!!!

    I believe that the stigma that comes along with turning Thirty and onward is that you are meant to be set in your ways. An adult… doing some serious “adulting”. You should have a set “forever” career along with all of the societal pressure that you should have it all figured out by now.

    I don’t want to stop “growing”. I don’t want to stop being playful, and exploring all of life’s curiosities. Perhaps these are the best years of your life because you are certain of WHO YOU ARE and have learned to align more readily with your intuition. Perhaps you are heading in a direction that doesn’t suit you in your career or in your life and you can wake up and look at yourself in the mirror with honest eyes and push towards that magical life, the one you are only dreamed about in your twenties.

    Your twenties were full of lessons while your thirties and onward are full of lessons laced with the power of KNOWLEDGE. Know yourself. Trust yourself, and never stop climbing towards the top of the mountain.

    I myself am pretty excited to see what the best years of my life look like. I’ve been blessed with some pretty incredible memories from all over the world and am over the moon with excitement not knowing what lies ahead, but knowing that it is going to be more than what I could have ever imagined!

    Cheers to “Thirgatory”…  and onward!

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    Photos by: Talia Cruz

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