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    TJ Tuesdays – Sprouted Red Rice and Chicken Curry

    I think by now everyone who knows me knows of my love for Trader Joes. I mean, I love that place. I am there perhaps 4 times a week. Usually it’s my go-to since I think they have the best organic milk for the kids, and Seb goes through a few gallons weekly. So I tell my husband I’m off to pick up milk and I come back a couple hours later.

    The usual trip goes something like this:

    1. Walk in and look at the small shopping carts and say “aww”
    2. Go to the cheese section and see if they have anything new. All of my favorite cheeses are at that place!
    3. I buy bananas because we always seem to need them.
    4. Check to see if there are any new snacks/chips.
    5. Go to the sample area. The sample area is the BEST at Trader Joes because they allow their employees to come up with random recipes where they mix several things in the store for you to try out. Similar to how Costco does it, but this place guarantees you are not getting enough of the sample product to feed an army.

    I buy whatever they’re sampling almost every single time. Never fails. So! I know everyone who shops at TJ’s has their own sample area, and I wanted to share what’s happening at mine. Yes, mine. It’s my TJ’s. 🙂

    This recipe is called:  Sprouted Red Rice and Chicken Curry

    Ingredients: (everything featured below, took individual shots of the ingredients)

    • 1 box Frozen Sprouted Red Rice
    • 1 bag Frozen Just Chicken Strips (You could use your own chicken and just grill it, but these posts are geared for everything at TJ’s.. so I went ahead and bought it.)
    • 1 bottle Yellow Curry Sauce
    • 1 bag Organic Baby Spinach (close to the cheese section! 😉  )

    Pour the curry sauce in to a pan. Fill empty sauce bottle halfway with water and add to sauce pan. Add the frozen grilled chicken stripes and the frozen red rice. Warm thoroughly and then add the fresh spinach. Cook until the spinach just wilts. Serve and enjoy!

    Modifications: When I fill up the bottle with water, I only put half water and half red wine. Yup! Also we like to add summer squash to the mix or even zuchinni. I like to use that Vegetti so they are thin strips and cook instantly. Let me know if you try this and what you think! The kids loved it!

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    ^My little helper Sebastian!Pin ItPin It

    I always mix in some red wine when cooking curry or pasta saucePin ItPin It

    ^Cheating a little bit. On the in case that they don’t like this curry meal I have a pot of Hamburger Helper… -_- LAZY NIGHT!

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    Photography by: Jeffery Cruz

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