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    To All My White/European Friends Who Are Currently Suffering From White Guilt …

     I saw a slogan on a guys car that said “Proud to be an American” and I thought “What the fuck does that mean?” I’m fully Irish, and when I was a kid I would go to the St Patrick’s Day parade and they sold a button that said “Proud to be Irish”, but I knew that on Columbus day they sold the same button only it said “Proud to be Italian”, then came Black Pride, and Puerto Rican Pride.  And I could never understand national or ethnic pride, because to me Pride should be reserved for something you achieve on your own. Being Irish isn’t a skill, it’s a fucking genetic accident. You wouldn’t be proud to be 5’11”.  You wouldn’t be proud to have a pre-disposition for colon cancer. So why would you be proud to be anything? – George Carlin

    Unless you’ve been “under a rock” for the last 4 days, you have heard about the vile, disgusting attacks on Paris on Friday November 13, 2015 by ISIS.

    All over social media, all over the world, there has been an uproar. You see the true colors of your friends and you can see immediately what side people are actually on. This post is not going to be about ISIS, or about the attacks, or even about the refugees coming to America.


    Since Friday, I have posted several links on Facebook to share with friends and the response has been.. well, mostly good.. people seem to be reading and agreeing with logic. I received several private messages in fact from acquaintances on Facebook where they are telling me to continue the writing, continue speaking the truth, and that they love my posts. Do you know what they all had in common? Besides the fact that they loved the posts but were not willing to share them…


    You read it correctly. White. White/European decent, call it what you want. Look, people can take one look at me and categorize me after thinking on it for a second. If they haven’t met me their first thought is: hmm.. Asian? Do I get offended? No. Seriously, I kinda look Asian… and I’m kind of from Asian decent. We are all mixed right now as it’s super rare to meet someone who is 100%-anything, so really folks.. if you look white, people think you’re white. My sister looks white. She’s not white at all, by any means, but does she get offended if people think she’s white? No. She understands that this is what she looks like. That would be like a tan male who wears a wife beater and drives a low rider with gangster music blasting getting offended if an on-looker thinks they just might* be a gangster. Hey, if the shoe fits..

    This post is for the friends of mine who have lost their voice, who seem to be suffering in silence because of “white guilt”/shame placed on them by their ancestors and shown to them by their peers. This is not a “whites are better” post as we do thank them here for the good they have done. It is not to say one race is better than the other. It is to simply tell them: It’s okay. You can talk, you can have an opinion without being called a racist.

    I have to preface my post due to so many who get easily offended and due to those who want to label and brand me before they even READ or research. I bet even after I post this people will think, “wow, she’s a racist.” All anyone has to do is take ONE look at my family and my children to know this is clearly not the case, but go ahead and be ignorant if it helps you sleep at night, which it won’t. When people ask me what nationality my kids are.. I don’t even have an answer for them. It’s something like, “Thai-Spanish-PuertoRican-Filipino-American Citizens”.. so yeah.

    This post is directed towards anyone who would fall under the category, “white people” — yes, if you think for a second “is she talking about me?” then YES.. because if you even have to ask yourself this, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU. The people who are too scared to voice out the TRUTH and their opinions because they don’t want to be seen by their peers as: racist.

    First of all, before we get in to the topic of white guilt, we ought to define it! Ahem:

    White guilt is the individual or collective guilt felt by some white people for harm resulting from racist treatment of ethnic minorities by whites both historically and currently.[1] White guilt has been described as one of the psycho-social costs of racism for white individuals along with empathy (sadness and anger) for victims of racism and fear of non-whites.[2 It can be characterized as a strong, emotional feeling of direct responsibility for the unequal circumstances of ethnic minorities living in historically and culturally European nations, or the Western world largely due to historical exclusion of non-whites from mainstream white society. Discomfort when talking about issues involving race is also a common characteristic of white guilt.

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    Let me give you another example of what guilt and shaming can do to a society. For DECADES since World War II, life has been tough being German. You can’t even voice an opinion on politics or religion without being PC about things since people can instantly call you a “Nazi” or “racist” if you said anything about another race, even if it’s the truth. How many times have people had to start a sentence of with, “My German friend.. who’s really nice..” I mean, whyyyy do we have to mention that they’re a good person? This poor nation still carries with it, the guilt and shame from Nazi Germany.. almost 70 years ago.

    For the white/European friends of mine, while people can be so quick to call out what your ancestors did wrong in the past, there are many accomplishments to be proud of:

    1. Democracy, the power of the vote, citizen’s representation, women’s vote.

    2. On ending slavery:

    The act of slavery has been around for thousands of years, and while SOME white people did partake in the ownership of slaves in the united states (only 5% of the white US population owned slaves. 5 PERCENT!), ultimately it was White Christian European Males that put and end to the slave-trade on a global scale. NOW slavery is viewed as a disgusting act thanks in LARGE part to whites. By the way, yes, there were BLACKS that owned slaves too, many for the same reasons the whites did. By the 1860s, an estimated 3000 slaves had black owners. And let’s not forget it was African tribes that were paid by whites to capture their own race. Their ancestors (Blacks) have just as much to answer for in terms of slavery as white ancestors. At some point in nearly ever culture’s history, SOMEONE owned a SLAVE. The first civilizations were built by slaves. But that’s over now. Again, thanks white European males!

    3. Industrial and technological inventions! ELECTRICITY. That’s a fun one right? Radio, television, telephones (or cell phones, as they are known today 🙂 COMPUTERS (thanks Charles Babbage!), cars, trains, modern homes…the list is ridiculous.

    4. Modern philosophy! The reason/rationality and evidence primary components needed to make rational arguments. The foundations of the scientific method that make progress possible for societies.

    We are surrounded by the brilliance of ancestral European white accomplishments, yet all anyone bothers to focus all their energy on are the PAST transgressions against other races. Many of which were orchestrated by the LEADERS of the countries, and not the people. You remember a thing called the draft right? Where they FORCE people into committing atrocities lest they be branded traitors, excommunicated from their homelands, or just SHOT in the back? The people who were lucky enough to avoid the draft have no more blood on their hands as the people who were forced to kill in the name of country. Neither party should have to live with the guilt dumped on their lap by their GOVERNMENT.

    Stop shutting out white people from important topics! We wouldn’t even be TALKING about these topics if we didn’t have a democratic voice gifted to us by WHITE EUROPEAN PEOPLE. (Dare I say.. MALE White European people.)

    Who invented Democracy?

    Yes. Past mistakes were made. Shall we recall the past mistakes made by every other non-white civilizations in every goddamn conversation from here on in? Does EVERYONE need a guilt-buffer to feel they have a voice? It’s as if every other race (Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans, etc.) just f*%king FORGOT how absolutely horrific their ancestors were capable of being towards their neighboring countries. And since when are the children responsible for the crimes of the parents? Why are we punishing whites of this generation for crimes they had NOTHING to do with. If you think otherwise, I’m sorry to say; there’s not a moral bone left in your body. BUT…if that IS the case, and if “history” is a card everyone else is allowed to play against whites, then whites should logically be allowed to play by the same rules. The conversation will take infinitely longer, valuable time will be wasted, and all it will ever accomplish is answering the same boring question: “Hey, weren’t some of your ancestors total shit-heads? Yeah, so were some of mine.” Moving on.

    I think we can all agree that it would be really awful to tell a young child: “Listen honey, decades ago we had ancestors who made really bad choices. Because of these choices, we cannot really voice our opinions, even if you have some truth to share, because your opinion won’t matter, due to how you look.”

    Why has it become acceptable in other cultures but not in America? For instance, our great great grandfather was a Spanish priest. A full-on Spanish priest who either hooked up with or raped my great great grandmother. It’s questionable. No one knows what really happened there, but we do know that my great grandfather who was born from this had to carry on her name, not the name of the priest. For obvious reasons. This is our history. The Spanish did colonize and take over the Philippines for over 400 years. The atrocities committed, the blood shed. The race of the Philippines as a whole is mostly mixed. While there are still Filipinos out there that are 100%, there are a whooooole lotta mestizos and mestizas running around, like myself. Now, should I be living every day in guilt over things that happened hundred of years ago? OF COURSE NOT. I shouldn’t even be living in guilt over something I did two years ago. Guilt is cancerous. Why would you want anyone to live with it, especially innocent people who weren’t involved or in existence at the time?

    Another instance could be from WW2. My grandfather (on my mother’s side) had to watch his father die by the bombings of the Japanese. He only survived because he was buried under bodies of other Filipinos (including his own father) for hours and hours until he crawled out in the middle of the night to find the rest of his family who survived. Of course for over a decade he, along with many other Filipinos absolutely despised the Japanese. I’ve had relatives who refused to buy Japanese products, eat Japanese food.. anything to do with that culture they have just not been able to accept. Thankfully, only a couple of decades later, the Filipino people have let it go. That’s what you have to do in order to move on, you have to let it go. No Japanese friend of mine would be scared or think twice about vacationing in Manila – at least they wouldn’t have that worry or fear that they couldn’t go out without being ostracized.

    My point is, history is not a good enough reason to shame someone living in the present. If that’s the case, how far back in your own history are you willing to go, because the pointed finger will turn, I promise you.

    Regarding this weekend: Who has blood their hands? Okay sure the terrorists. But who else?

    Everyone who shouts down anyone who raises one or two or three red flags about something deemed “controversial”.. if you shout down those people and you won’t listen to evidence, culture, facts, genetics, religiosity, history and reason and you shout down people who have legitimate questions and concerns about the compatibility of various cultures.. if you shout those people down, look in the damn mirror. They attack because of your permission and your inability or unwillingness to have reasonable discussions about civilized behavior.

    After you shit/shower/shave/feed your kids.. Your ONE JOB in this world is to fight evil. Evil is not fought fundamentally through any kind of weapon. It is fought with one thing and one thing only and that is the courage to tell the truth. I don’t care if the truth is triggering to you and makes you feel queasy.. I don’t care!

    Culture matters, religion matters, philosophy matters. Having conversations that are important MATTER and EVERYONE is welcome with their opinion. No race should have to worry about starting a conversation off with an apology…for something they had NO SAY IN, for things that happened before they were born. Is this how we are to live? Apologizing all our lives for things from the past? What a way to live. Then this culture likes to SHAME them as well?

    Let’s not take QUESTIONS for racism, let’s so getting so damn offended with every little thing!

    BEING OFFENDED DOESN’T MAKE YOU RIGHT. Read that again. It’s just not good enough and it’s not an end to a conversation. If you are offended it can only be due to two reasons:

    1. The person is wrong and you are going to correct them immediately with FACT.
    2. The person is right and you don’t know how to respond.

    I’ve been called out many times when I am wrong. I sit back and take it. I get upset initially but I have learned that after I take a few moments to myself, I own up to it. There is power in accepting. I would honestly LOVE to be wrong with many of the opinions I have been having lately.

    Below is a video of my brother Jed and I talking about this subject. You know, for those who don’t like to read. <3 Peace to all of you, let’s start having these conversations and allowing everyone to partake in them.


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