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    Toss The Cards, Keep The Books

    Something a TAD lighter compared to yesterday’s post. I was just at my wit’s end and had to take a breather. Had a few other controversial posts in mind but I thought, you know what… for your sanity, let’s chat about something positive. So I looked around my room. I noticed the kid’s birthday books I’ve been religiously making year after year. I posted about this almost 4 years ago on an older blog, but I figured, now that the books are expanding and the kids are growing up so quickly, another post is in order!

    If you’re like me and you receive cards for holidays, birthday’s etc.. you know where those end up. In the trash. Unfortunately. I mean, I’m a selective hoarder, but your $3.99 Hallmark card gets read once, puts a smile on my face, and if it had an actual sentence or two written by the giver and not just the writings of the random Hallmark employee, then maaaaybe it spends a couple weeks up on my fridge or pinned to my calendar. Just so I can get an extra smile or two out of it when I take a glance over. But then? Trash. Sorry? I knew the cards and guilt of throwing away sentimental well-wishes and notes was going to bother me when it came to my kids. For sure I can decide to toss out a card after reading it, but I have the loveliest friends who write hand-written notes to my children and we all know babies and toddlers cannot read yet! Might they want a chance to know what someone said to them when they were 2? I don’t wanna guess!


    I gathered all Amelia’s best photos from her first year of life, and I put them in a book. We all know those book sites you can create these with by now, right? Usually they come with some sort of coupon code? Well, I went through MyPublisher, and I threw together all the images and between them I added pages where people could sign in their birthday wishes to her, and we passed it around at her party. I know, I know… brilliant. Even if people brought a card, I still had them sign the book. It’s like the end of school yearbook that we all have to make sure we get enough signatures for. Haha! I even told friends in advance: don’t buy birthday cards! Instead of a card, buy her a children’s book (we all know they’re the same price!) and sign in that book so she can forever keep it in her library.

    Obviously the older my kids get, perhaps the less amount of “birthday wish” pages I will have, I will likely make these until they’re out of high school. And I might be that mother at their 16th birthdays walking around with my mimosa in hand asking other 16 year olds to sign my kids books… hahaha! “Hey Petaluma, can you sign Amelia’s book? I’m sure she would love it.” Umm… yeah… sure Mrs. Cruz, whatever you say. Sorry, the thought of this makes me laugh. I love it. Love those awkward feels. Plus I dare one of those kids to tell me no. DARE THEM! 😉

    I treasure these now and the best part?? Amelia is learning how to read this year, better than before! She is reading through children’s books now. I shared these with her the other day. She sat there and tried to make out most of the greetings. She was giddy and smiling about it the whole time. Saying things like, “wow! Auntie Sam has known me for EVER!” and “Mom, I miss Auntie Barb! Remember she used to babysit me?” Or even at the posts where she says, “Mom, who is THIS? They only came to one of my parties…” Warms… my… heart. I don’t have to explain EVERYTHING to her, do I? Anyhow, I love that Amelia can treasure these when she is older. So much more sentiment and meaning than all the loose cards everywhere.

    If you’re like me… (hey! how are you! Welcome to the smallest club in the world!) then you miiiiight be in to something like this. If you’re not, you might be in to something like this. Just needed to post about something we can all agree on. Preserving memories? Photo books? Throwing away hand-written cards? Non-controversial. You’re welcome! <3 Mwah – and cheers!

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    ^Can you tell which book I rushed to order? Haha!

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    Photos by: Talia Cruz

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