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    Trader Joe’s – Chicken Gyoza Potstickers With an Island Soyaki

    Here’s a company we shouldn’t boycott…ever! 🙂 Ohhh.. when it comes to boycotting businesses I just think.. what are people doing with their lives?

    Last weekend it was non-stop on my newsfeed about the stupid RED CUP AT STARBUCKS. Truly, who cares! They didn’t say they hated Christmas, they never claimed a war on Christmas.. but last I checked, Starbucks doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing, let alone an explanation on why they wanted all red cups this year and not snowflakes and jingle bells.. which is not even a good representation of Christmas anyways!

    First of all not every Christian is up in arms about this so please don’t assume it’s all of us. I would never boycott a company based on their views. Just like I didn’t boycott Chic-Fil-A based on the views of the owner. How many of you boycott them over the religious beliefs of the owner? He never said he wouldn’t employ gay people or serve gay people.  Now, if the company refuses to serve a person because of their religion or their views.. Then that warrants boycotting! But to boycott Starbucks over a red cup? Companies worth boycotting? How about Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait airlines that ban Jewish passengers?! No one seems to be losing their minds over this. You think if United Airlines had a rule that no Chinese citizen could use their planes the entire world wouldn’t go bananas? My point is there are REAL problems and there are companies out there that get away with refusing to service people because of religion/race. Starbucks isn’t one of them.

    But here’s a side note: You have every right to NOT PURCHASE SOMETHING.

    I don’t want to elaborate any further because really it’s not worth getting worked up over. I think that if every person put that energy of being worked up and willing to boycott towards… ohhh, I dunno..reading a book to your child, playing with your kid, or how about learn a new language, the world will truly be a much better place and that energy will be put to good use.

    Moving on! This next recipe from Trader Joe’s is so brilliantly simple. You only need two ingredients:

    1. Trader Joe’s Chicken Gyoza Potstickers
    2. Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki

    There are a few ways to cook these. I don’t microwave at all lately, it’s been used as an extra clock in the kitchen or a timer when I need two timer’s. You can either pan fry these or steam them. We prefer to steam..less greasy and messy. So once they are steamed, coat them with as much soyaki as you want… and enjoy! It’s truly the yummiest appetizer, we made it two times in two days and still had enough sauce left over. One of those snacks/appetizers you just always want in your freezer. And that’s it – happy Tuesday folks!

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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