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    Trader Joe’s Tuesday – Spelt Risotto With Chickpeas and Ham


    1. Trader Giotto’s Spelt Risotto with Vegetables and Chickpeas
    2. 1 Pack of Healthy Ham from Trader Joe’s
    3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Pour 1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in to a frying pan/wok. (Preferably something non-stick if you have it!) Add a tablespoon of water as well. Pour Spelt Risotto bag in to pan and stir around. Cut up ham on the side. In a separate pan, with a little oil or butter, heat up the ham. After 6-7 minutes, combine the two. You can actually cook both in the same pan if you want to, I just didn’t have a big enough pan and I wanted the risotto to cook evenly to try how it was meant to taste without mixing the ham in just yet. Serve warm!

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    Photos by: Natalia Cruz

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