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    Trader Joe’s Tuesday – Truffle Salami and Caramelized English Cheddar Cheese

    Whether you’re hosting or whether it’s just close to 5 o’clock and you wanna feel like a fancy-pants at home – pour the wine and cut the cheese people! This fantastical Truffle salami and English Cheddar with caramelized onions truly hits the spot.. every time. I always have this cheese in my fridge. If it’s close to running out.. it must be replaced. It’s one of those.. melts in your mouth like butter.. I can’t say enough good things about this cheese! I was also super thrilled to find a fantastic truffle salami at $5 at Trader Joe’s! I was a bit skeptic about the flavor since the price was too good to be true.. but alas, they got me hooked on yet another product of theirs. Paired this board with fresh strawberries, grapes, kalamata olives and pepperoni (for the kids!) and it made for a great afternoon treat while dinner was cooking. <3

    Simple, short and sweet! Totally describes me, except for the simple and sweet part. Cheers folks! Happy Tuesday!

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    Photography by: Jeffery Cruz

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