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    Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Braised Beef Roast

    Who doesn’t love a good braised beef roast? It’s good all the time, but especially on cold days for some reason. Trader Joe’s.. this one was so good and I was able to spare myself hours from the kitchen prepping one of my own from scratch – which I don’t mind doing – but on days when it’s busy and you just wanna put something in the oven and get the same “mmMMm!” from your family, this is the one to get! They’ve perfected it – the meat falls right off and it’s not tough.

    The recipe is too simple. You literally purchase the box and follow the instructions. We had it with steamed vegetables and potatoes. Really good and really simple. Next time I’ll be adding a bit of Worcestershire and some extra caramelized onions on top. I always serve it shredded over rice with some garlic bread (optional) and a light salad (something with a vinaigrette).

    Loved this! <3

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