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    Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Garlic Naan Open-Faced Cuban Sandwich

    OoooOoOh Trader Joe’s Tuesday’s are back! Well, they never really went anywhere in our home because that’s where I shop 90% of the time. (Except for those 2 months I was out of the country… Manila should reeeally look in to getting one of these…) – Anyhow! We all know how easy these recipes are, and I wanted to share this one with you all. Another hit, my husband loves sandwiches, and can eat them any time of day. This one was devoured up, and we continued using the hot & sweet mustard on other sandwiches after. The flavors in this one folks… you’re welcome!


    1. Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan Bread
    2. Trader Joe’s Sliced Havarti
    3. Trader Joe’s Sliced Pickles
    4. Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Mustard
    5. Trader Joe’s Uncured Pastrami


    You can either bake or toast the Garlic Naan bread. Set it aside. Place desired pastrami, havarti, pickles, and mustard on – enjoy!


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