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    Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Lentil Bruschetta with Feta Cheese

    Holiday parties all around and last minute appetizer meals – we’ve got you covered! This one will go on a list to be another favorite, that’s for sure! Super easy to make – paired perfectly with these crackers too!


    • Trader Joe’s Steamed Lentils – 1 pack
    • Trader Joe’s Crumbled Feta – 1 container
    • Trader Joe’s Bruschetta Sauce – 1 container
    • Trader Joe’s Some Enchanted Cracker – 1 box


    Remove steamed lentils from their package (keep refrigerated… You have the option to heat them but I prefer cold bruschetta so I kept them cold) and pour them in to a large mixing bowl. Pour all of the bruschetta sauce in to the bowl as well. Mix in all of the feta cheese. place what you want on a cracker and ENJOY! I didn’t top them in advance, I left them in a bowl with the crackers alongside so that guests could add it themselves- kept it fresh and the cracker crunchy, of course.

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