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    Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Pastrami Wraps and the Face Painting Fail

    Is it Tuesday already?! Well it’s Talia here with another TJ Tuesday sample I wanna share with you!

    But first! Let me show you some classic Pinterest-y FAILS where I didn’t quite #nailit on face painting day. I use this app called Geo_Qpons and it gets me these 40-50% off one item at Michael’s. You can find the coupons on the website as well, I just like the app because it’s a quick scan I prefer it. So! My kids are all about paints right now and Michael’s has these awesome Snazaroo packets that are washable and easy to wipe off with a baby wipe.

    I never claimed to be an artist. I set up the iPad so the kids could see what I was doing. I let them pick the design they wanted me to attempt, and just kinda went for it! In case you can’t tell from looking at the photos, Amelia chose to be a butterfly, and Seb? He chose the devil. Ohhh me.

    To the recipe! Jeff actually found this sample set up the last time he was at Trader Joe’s. We took a chance and paired it with this new Sriracha dressing that was being featured as well.. SOOOOO GOOD! We placed the dressing on the side as a dip just in case the kids found it too spicy. Pretty easy, looking forward to making these again and adding more! Enjoy!


    • Trader Joe’s Organic Sriracha Ranch Dressing
    • Trader Joe’s Feta Cheese Spread
    • Trader Joe’s Clay Oven Baked Lavash Bread
    • Trader Joe’s All Natural Uncured Sliced Pastrami


    Lay out the Lavash Bread (we toasted these just a little), spread the feta cheese and then the pastrami slices. Roll it up and set the ranch dressing dip aside. Super easy! Next time we will put onions and maybe tomatoes in there for more, UMPH!

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    Photography by: Jeffery Cruz

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