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    Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! Sweet Potato Mahi-Mahi Goodness

    Another quick and fun Trader Joe’s post for you all! This one is definitely more of an appetizer – I repeat, do not serve this for dinner or you will confuse your family!

    I almost did, and thankfully, thankfully Dominos was there to save the day! Ever have those days where your mind spaces and you think you have dinner covered and then, yeah..

    But these were super delicious starters! Too easy and silly to even list how to make but here we go:


    • Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
    • Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi Burgers
    • Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole (with Greek Yogurt)


    Follow the directions on how to bake the Mahi Mahi patties. Once it’s all baked, slice it up in bite sized pieces, put on potato chip with guacamole and serve fresh! Enjoy!


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