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    Travel Bug Bites


    That was one amazing trip we took to Spain together! I remember being on the phone with you at 2am while I was newly engaged in May of 2009 and booking our entire trip to Spain, along with train tickets, hotels within a couple hours. Random! Some of the best trips are random like this. I saw Jeff the next morning and told him, “oh hey babe… so…I’m gonna be in Spain all of June (the following month) with Becca… hope that’s okay because we already paid for everything.”

    One more reason to love him. He was so supportive and it was truly the time of our lives. No babies to worry about, really no worries at all besides making sure there was internet every now and then so we could update family. We left for Spain right when the movie TAKEN (part 1 of course) was out in theatres. Jeff always says if he had seen that movie prior to us leaving, he would have never let us go.

    Speaking of spontaneous trips and “just going”… I just bought tickets to the Philippines for later this month. Mom and Dad are going back there to visit with Lola and I joked over the phone that if I got a nanny for the kids back home they should take my kids with them. Mom didn’t take the text as a joke and within a few minutes she called me saying she would be able to do that and had a nanny lined up! Then I panicked a little, called Jeff…noticed I had this 3 week window before a big wedding in March and decided to go with them! Once mid-April hits, I am nonstop almost every weekend with weddings until mid-August, so to prevent myself from going stir-crazy I just did it. I couldn’t wait until November to take a long vacation. Everything lined up perfectly. I know Lola is getting older, would love to hear more stories before her memory starts fading even more. I will take video and photos of course, promise to share those with you. Badly wish you and Otto could come as well.

    I think I am going to be proof that you can still travel with children. Why should it stop? I see so many posts about things to do before you have children and while I agree that traveling is easier without them, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun still WITH them. Getting my kids used to traveling while they’re young. It’s gonna be interesting, that’s for sure!

    So there’s that! I now have under 3 weeks to prepare for this. It will be an insane trip this time around because Jeff won’t be able to come with us. Time to get Seb’s passport stamped! You oughta update yours and Otto’s soon, I bet there will be more traveling for you in the future. All that hard work you’re doing, you will surely reward yourself with a break! Or you and I can leave the kids in NY with a sitter and take off to Spain again? I’m serious. Love you!


    Pin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItTalia’s top: Bombay Mermaid (once more, I just love Michelle and her creations!) It’s the comfiest thing, could wear this just about everywhere.

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