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    Up Up and A.. WAIT!!!

    Written by: Darcy Nichole

    A crisp blue ocean, white sandy beaches, a breeze that can only be described as tropical… and I mean you can actually smell the leaves, and the trees, and the green mixed with the salty ocean air. It constantly fills your senses with a sense of relaxation. It’s just me and my man, relaxing for the first time since our 3 boys came to bless our lives. When I found out my husband and I were going on an all expense, all inclusive paid trip to Rivera Maya in Cancun, I literally almost peed myself I was so excited! I cannot remember the last time I was able to just BE with just him, enjoying each other. Needless to say, we are both pretty dang ecstatic!

    Back up a bit to how this trip came about. One of my home based business’ is photography. I’ve been extremely blessed to be pretty good at something I am so so passionate about. It’s my release, my art. My artistic preference is editorial, fashion, and newborn. I know they are completely different, but with editorial, I feel unstoppable. With newborn photography, I think it plays more to my sensitive side… that and it totally gives me my baby fix. Lord knows I don’t need anymore of my own! ha! So, for this specific situation, I was asked by a good friend to shoot her wedding down in Cancun. Although weddings aren’t usually my thing, I am so honored to be a part of their day. And hello… Cancun?? And beautiful people?? In paradise? I’d be silly to say no. So here we are, flights booked, passports filed away, plans for the kids to be taken care of made, and now we wait for May! As most American parents, I’m sure you felt as we did that we had taken care of everything, down to rides to the airport.

    Fast forward to about 2-3 months post finding out about the most awesome tropical retreat! My other home based business is Nerium, an insane anti-again company. I started a year ago and can’t be more thankful that my prayers were answered. Being able to be at home with my boys, knowing I’m building them a legacy is pretty incredible. One of my girlfriends that I work with asked me to go to a financial education class with her at her church. I figure I could learn a few things I didn’t know already so I was pretty excited to go! THANK GOD I decided to actually show up to that class! Some of the things I learned pretty much floored me! So really THIS is what I want to share with the maybe few or maybe many that, like us, had no idea that the planning we had done for our trip was no where close to done.

    Two of the key things I learned (specific to our trip) was that should we leave now as is and something, God forbid, should happen to us, our home would go into probate because we own, and our 3 beautiful boys would become wards of the state…. let that sink in. It literally hit me like a punch in the gut. I had no idea! We have talked about who would take the boys and what would happen to the house should anything ever happen to us, but that’s it. We have no living Will in place, no Trust, nothing. I had NO idea! We now have an appt to get started on the trust, but to at least have a Will in place before our trip to name those details so there won’t be any questions.

    I am really glad that I am well on my way to educating myself, and to crossing all our T’s and dotting all our I’s. This is the first time we will be away from the boys, and I have such a better feeling knowing that 100% they would be taken care of. We will soon have a trust, a named guardian ON PAPER, and a will. If you are planning a trip, especially if it’s the first time away from your babies, make sure you ask a friend or family member who’s traveled and might know. It’s better to be safe than sorry! I now can’t wait for Cancun and being able to get that quality time we NEED! (:

    xo D

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    Photography by: Darcy Nichole

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