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    Valle De Guadalupe – Wine tasting in Baja Mexico

    Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk

    I instantly fell in awe of the beautiful vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe. It is a region in Ensenada, Mexico which is now attracting wine makers from around the world. In the 1900’s Christians from Russia settled in Valle de Guadalupe. They farmed vineyards and were the first to produce wine in this region. To preserve this history the government funded a museum in Valle de Guadalupe you pass on the left side when you first enter the region. This museum has a cafe which serves traditional Russian-Mexixan dishes! I highly suggest making this your first stop if you are planning on going.

    A group of us drove 30 minutes from San Diego across the Mexico border to the beach town Rosarito. We stayed at Las Rocas Resort. It is a lively safe gated ocean front resort with a beautiful infinity pool. It is older and authentic in it’s Spanish style. Definitely far from any 5 star resort I’ve stayed in but it has everything that makes me happy… And more. A bar near the pool. My cell phone on airplane mode, Perfect waves and surfers who are riding them all day long. A spa overlooking the Rocky sea, a few restaurants, and a giant Rio de Janeiro style Jesus statue on top of a hill holding his arms out and looking over you during your entire stay.
    We had booked a shuttle to take us to Valle De Guadalupe from our resort. The vineyards are a breathtaking 45 minute commute from the resort. Our round trip fare to the vineyards and back to the resort, three wineries with tastings, and a two hour coastal lobster village dinner in Puerto Nuevo including a margarita was only $73.00 USD per person.
    If you are planning on going I suggest you check out Encuentro Guadalupe, El Cielo, Corazon de Tierra and Finca de Altozano but I reservations for Finca de Altozano at least few weeks in advance is a must. LA Cetto is a very industrialized popular winery but we really enjoyed the smaller more unique wineries in the region. I really enjoyed our experience at Sol de Media Noche. They only have ports and sweet wine which I don’t particularly have a palette for but their breads, cheeses, tapenade, chimichuri, pina coco marmalade are like no other. The ambiance is wild and alive in this place. Inside is a small market where you are able to purchase anything you tasted and fell in love with. My favorite thing about the wineries is that you drive down dirt roads along the main strip and are quite surprised at the elegance or uniqueness of them once you finally reach the vineyard.
    After seeing all of the unique accommodations they have to offer in Valle de Guadalupe next time I will be booking accommodations with a pool overlooking the vineyards. Encuentro de Guadalupe is a unique one that caught my eye, although I’ve been told they are pricey. They are tiny minimalist living boxed accommodations sprinkled along the hillside. They have a pool and a world renowned chef who is famous for his farm to table recipes using only the freshest most organic ingredients. If you’re into “glampimg” Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros is a settlement of 12 luxury tents nestled within vineyards and mountains overlooking the sea. A dusky desert landscape opens to sprawling ocean and olive orchards, flora, fauna and wildlife. Although the atmosphere is rural, it is full of cosmopolitan features.
    There are 73 vineyards in this region so I suggest going off the beaten path for the most unique experience. I cannot wait to go back and discover more within the hidden gem of Valle De Guadalupe!
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