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    Van Moms… Quick “Life-Changing” Tip! (VIDEO!)

    FINALLY! Something good came out of driving around this van. JUST when I was ready to switch things up to an SUV —

    *P.S. I don’t recommend a VW Routan. I was so stubborn and only wanted one for the silly reason that it looked “not as van-y” as all the other vans…stupid, I know. So we spent much more to drive around…well, a VAN STILL. VW’s haven’t had the best rep lately and even with the warranty they gave… of COURSE one month after that factory warranty expired aaaalll the problems started kicking in. From the sliding doors closing in on me on inclines, problems with the brakes TWICE in one year (and all their costs at the casa are NOT cheap), you’re paying German prices for a Chrysler engine – total scam – and when you try to take it in they can’t help you. One day last year my car started smoking up in the middle of the freeway on the rain… wow, long story short, don’t get one of these. Get a Honda or Toyota, something that can go the distance.

    The video isn’t about all the VW problems, but ONE of the problems turned out to be a cool discovery in how to use this van every day, when the front DVD player broke. Why haven’t I fixed it, you ask? Because they quoted me $1,800.00 to fix that tiny DVD player, and there’s another one in the back that works fine. Plus do you know what kind of BIG SCREEN I can get for my bedroom for $1,800?! Yeeeah. So here we go. <3

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