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    Van’s End & The Piercening!

    Hey Tals!

    I know it’s been a minute since my last post but this past couple of weeks have been hectic to say the least. I found out that the van that got us through winter would not be legal to drive anymore. Sadly, the dang thing just won’t pass the NY state inspection and wouldn’t be worth it to pour anymore money into. SO! Until we get a new car it’s back to bus/walking for this mama. Which honestly ain’t so bad since I’ve put on some pounds since getting the car in the first place. That and being cooped up all winter hasn’t helped my thighs. Hahah. Anyway I am selling the car for scrap and cancelled the insurance on it. I figured since 1. No more insurance payment and 2. Mostly working on the front end, it was time to get the piercing I’ve been wanting for a long time now.


    Ahhhh that dreaded “bull piercing”. My lovely friend Deb wanted to accompany me out of love and fascination. I ended up going to a shop right by the house called Dorje Adornments. Everyone there was so nice and friendly and the shop was impeccably clean. I already had a good feeling about the place. The guy who pierced me was named Nick and was so knowledgeable and sweet. Also fast! Hahaha. After all the paperwork was filled out we went into one of the rooms and Nick was kind enough to explain each step of the process and the tools in a way that made me feel super relaxed. The actual piercing bit took less than 10 seconds. Honestly the worst part about it was when he was poking around with the back of his needle for the thinnest piece of cartilage to stick the needle through. All that poking around did bring out some involuntary tears. :/.

    I ended up going with a nice, subtle little curved barbell piece that flips up and becomes instantly invisible. I think it looks great and I love ittttt! I think the worst part right now is that it feels itchy/ticklish. Anyway I’m suuurrreeee you’re curious as to what the dang thing looks like so here you go! I even made a gif for ya!

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    Initial needle in! Now just waiting for the jewelry. So excite!!!

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    Putting the needle through….

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    Attaching the ball ends.
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    Ta-da! New face stuff ready for the world!

    Love you Tals! Chat soon!


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