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    We Are All Sick Over Here

    Hey Becs,

    Well, it happened. We’re all sick over here. Amelia caught it first. At the sight of that small runny nose of hers, Jeff and I instantly took some BioFlu, AirBorne, you name it. It took a couple days and we caught it anyway. I stopped pumping and giving Sebastian fresh breast milk a month ago and so now he is just using all the packets I’ve stashed in the freezer. He still takes one a day but poor lil guy didn’t have the chance in this house of three other sicklings. So there you have it. His first cold, at ten months. At least Amelia only got hers at the age of two which was tough enough, remember that?

    Do you know how tough it is to hear him cough up massive amounts of phlegm and then swallow it? I sat there and did try to reach for it one time but it’s impossible to teach a 10 month old how to hock a loogie. I mean, it took Leonardo a whole afternoon to teach Kate prior to them drowning on the Titanic so I can’t give myself too much grief. Still, it’s painful to watch.

    He also eats the mucus running down his face as he smiles. Sometimes it mixes in with his cheese puffs he’s eating. Hahaha! Hope you’re not eating breakfast while reading this. If it sort of made you gag, just remember you’re better off and not sick like we are here. Unless you are? Those baby cheese puffs have a funky smell after a while, huh? Just smelling them makes me a little nauseous but it could’ve been from that time I was 8 months pregnant and ate an entire Costco sized bag of them. I felt sick the whole day.

    Anyway, I know you have a busy day ahead since you will be watching the babies while Jeff and I work outta town this weekend. I thank you for that! I guess I don’t mind that you’re under the weather as well since the kiddos are in the same boat and Otto, well Otto seems to have a killer immune system at this point. So here are some instructions for Seb for the next couple of days:

    • Thaw out a packet of breast milk (in cold water for about 15-20 mins) first thing in the morning. Once it’s liquid, put the packet in hot water for under 5 minutes then transfer it to the bottle. That’s his first serving.
    • There’s waffles and cereal for Amelia and Otto. You can toast Seb a waffle as well and break it up in to small enough pieces for him and he munches on that while in the high chair. Go ahead and give him a packet of food as well. That organic pouch stuff.
    • Around 12-1 he gets his nap. This can last 1-2 hours and just make sure he’s got a fresh diaper prior (I’m sure you know this but I feel like when I list it as a reminder it makes me feel better)
    • Once he’s up, he chills for a bit, has another snack and then a 6 oz formula within a hour.
    • Feed him whatever you’re having for dinner, just in bite size. =)
    • Once he’s bathed, set him up with another 6oz bottle and watch him slowly start to pass out. Keep the paci close. It’s a comfort thing even though he doesn’t really need it and does end up spitting it out. (keep humidifier on)

    For Amelia:

    • chocolate milk when she wakes up, her Disney channel.
    • Breakfast
    • one of the many activities I set up for her – just make sure the little guys don’t get a hold of the small pieces.
    • Play?
    • iPad stuff (I’ll text you the password) The charger for it is under the Nespresso machine.
    • lunch – whatever you’re having – she loves soup, there’s lots of it
    • Play
    • Play
    • Play
    • Dinner
    • Bath
    • milk and sleep

    Sounds easy enough, right?! Grand. Looking forward to all the iPhone updates! Talk to you soon!

    *Oh yeah, there I am rocking that sweet clutch and necklace you made! Your talent never ceases to amaze.

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