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    Wear The Iron Throne and Own It


    Oh Dad. He’s usually so on point with his aesthetic but a man purse?? From Coach??? Hahaha. Where are our stockings from back in the day? Mom must have them around somewhere. Or maybe you do since you have all of Mom’s crocheted ornaments? Did Jed and Preston come up too? Are y’all staying through New Years?

    Anyway I am so far behind on Christmas this year. I have grand plans on making a good amount of presents this year (like last) but I know I won’t be able to get it all done on time. ūüôĀ ūüôĀ Expect some gifts in January!¬†They’ll be totally worth it. We are hosting Christmas this year. It’s been a year of firsts for sure and I need to get the tree up! My co-worker generously gave us a¬†9 foot¬†artificial tree that she had in her garage. Unopened and insanely kind of her. We are, once again,rearranging the house to set it up but ran into a bit of a kerfuffle trying to get the TV cabinet out of the house. Apparently¬†¬†this thing has been in the house since our landlord lived in this apartment (years ago) and we have no idea how he got it into the place. WHUT. Also we bought a wall mount for the flat screen. Seemed to be the best idea to both save space and keep that little Otto Nugget out of trouble.

    Once we finish I’ll send you some pictures. It’ll be so worth it to have this stupid cabinet out of here but our only idea now its to hack away at it until it’ll fit through the door. Aaaahhhh the joys or decorating. Here’s some neat park pics for you today! This¬†Iron Throne dress is off the wall amazing and it this seemed like a perfect location to wear it in. <3



    Dress: eBay

    Vest: Gift

    Sunnies: Borrowed (haha)

    Shoes: eBay

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