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    Our Greatest Adventure – Welcome Hudson Robert !

    Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle

    My world just got a whole lot smaller! On Monday, February 29th, my husband and I welcomed into the world our son and new obsession, Hudson Robert. Our little “leaper”, as Leap Day babies are apparently called, was born via cesarean (he was breech) at 7lbs,13oz. The first month has been a whirlwind of emotions and new experiences, and we are savoring every single moment of them!

    The cesarean itself was rather nerve racking. Being without my husband for almost half an hour while they got me prepped, gave me a spinal, and got me all set up for surgery was probably the scariest aspect of the whole event. When my husband was finally allowed into the room again, he sat by my head and the reason we were there finally hit me and became real. I was suddenly flooded with the excitement of being able to see our son and our first child in just a matter of moments. Within a minute of cutting into me, our little man was out! They took him over to be measured, weighed and cleaned with my husband by his side while they worked on putting me all back together again. That was absolutely the hardest part- knowing that my son was just a few steps away, but having to wait to see or hold him for more than 5 minutes. I had waited 39 weeks and 1 day, but the last few minutes were absolute torture.
    While many c-section moms doom the fact that their partners get to hold their babies before them, I found it to be somewhat poetic. How fitting that I got to have such a special and critical bond with him while he grew from a cluster of cells into a nearly 8 pound baby, and now his father would be there to usher him into the world where he would eventually grow from a baby into a man. Seeing my son for the first time, in the arms of my husband and man I love, was one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever experienced. There was nothing sweeter than seeing the two most important people in my life walking toward me to start our grand new adventure together! We spent the next 3 nights in the hospital taking advantage of the free diapers, formula, and extra hands while studying every nurses expert master of the swaddle. Finally it was time to take the anxiously awaited first drive and welcome our little bundle of joy into his new home.

    The first couple of weeks recovering were harder than I had expected. Luckily my husband took 3 weeks off work, so I had great support while first recovering. My incision site was healing perfectly, but not having any real use of your stomach muscles makes doing almost everything difficult and painful. Luckily, looking into my little man’s big blueberry eyes has really been the magic elixir that takes away all the pain from the c-section and nerves about being a first time parent. Hudson has also eased us into parenting pretty well.

    The first 10 days he pretty much just slept non-stop, all day and all night which obviously made the transition into parenthood smoother than we initially expected. It gave us some time to get used to having to hold someone all the time, to figure out who would get to leave the house to run errands, and to learn what Hudson needed and when. Then he dialed it up a notch. He started being awake longer during the day and interacting with us a lot more. His eyes would shift when we talked to him or when our dog or cat walked by, and we quickly learned that he MUCH prefers to be held and bounced than he does being put down at all. Which is something I enjoy most of the time, but makes it really difficult during the day to do anything that takes longer than a quick trip to the bathroom. Fortunately, we’ve found a few little tricks that help ease him when he is fussy and we just try to take things a day at a time as to not get too overwhelmed.

    Hudson’s sleep has been a little touch and go (much to my shagrin). We recently moved him from a cradle in our room into the crib in his nursery and have been trying to let him fuss for a little if he wakes up at night in between feedings. Easier said than done. The first time we attempted to let him “cry it out” when being put down for bed, resulted in me giving up and balling after I went and got him. Fortunately, with the exception of a few difficult nights, he has gone down much easier since that first dreadful night. Getting used to only sleeping for a few hours at a time has been difficult, especially considering the fact that I have always been someone who needs a great deal of sleep at night while still loving to take a couple hours nap during the day on weekends. But I guess I would be completely insane to have a baby and not expect to have some sleepless nights, right?

    Motherhood has so far been quite an adventure! It has changed my perspective on many things, while also reaffirming my thoughts on others. Seeing my husband become a father has been the best part of this entire experience. Just when I thought it was impossible for me to love him any more, any deeper than I already did, I found that seeing him develop into a dad made me fall head over heals in love with him all over again. On that same note, it seems that because I was never really emotional while pregnant, I now find myself overwhelmed with love and happiness and cry happy tears on a semi-regular basis. Again, I’m sure it all comes with the territory of being a new mother and experiencing a whole lot of firsts.

    Now all that I’m craving is for my body to feel completely “normal” again. The baby weight all dropped off pretty quickly, so that was a big mood booster and helped to motivate me to lose the weight I wanted to lose before I got pregnant. Unfortunately I was cursed with getting stretch marks, so I’ve been basting myself with vitamin E oil, Bio Oil, and other stretch mark creams in a desperate attempt to lighten them (as I know it takes some sort of deal with the devil to actually make stretch marks completely disappear). With my 6 week check-up fast approaching, I’m anxious to get the “okay” to be more physically active and tone up this mom-bod a bit. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the c-section didn’t ruin my stomach completely beyond repair!

    I’ve really tried to take the physical changes that come along with being pregnant, while some are less exciting than others, with the mindset that it was all necessary and worth the outcome. My scar, my stretch marks, all of these got me a pretty awesome gift. Hudson has been so much fun and really added something to our lives that I never knew we could enjoy this much. Even when he cries for no reason, we’ve managed to have some fun with it. We’ve so enjoyed watching him grow and change in just the short time we’ve been lucky enough to have him, and I feel like I have a new best friend. I’ve never been someone who likes being alone- I could never eat lunch alone and don’t even particularly like going to the store by myself. But with Hudson, I never feel like I’m doing anything by myself. I feel like I have a built in sidekick and am already dreading the first time I leave him for longer than an hour.

    Welcoming Hudson into our perfect little life has managed to enrich our relationship and our daily life even more. While I am looking forward to getting a solid 8 hours of straight sleep one day in the (hopefully not so distant) future, I am soaking in every second with my son. Whether he’s staring at me with his gorgeous blue eyes, or crying for new reason, I am thankful for every minute with him and can’t wait to see him experience the world with wide-eyed amazement and curiosity!

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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