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    Where In The World Is Talia San Diego?

    When I have these déjà vu experiences, I have to blink several times, take a seat back and I immediately think, “I’ve seen this before, this has happened before.” Whether it was in a dream, or in whatever way/s Wikipedia defines it (except for the seizures or taking drugs part..), instead of doing what I used to do (which was freak out a little), I calmly tell myself that it just means that the path I’m currently on is the right one. Since it’s a vision I’ve seen before, it brings me comfort in knowing that things are as they should be.

    I guess we all interpret things a little differently, this was just my humble take on it.

    I could also be going a little crazy. Since arriving back from Manila end of March, my schedule has looked like this:

    • Manila – San Francisco
    • San Francisco – San Diego
    • San Diego – Las Vegas
    • Las Vegas – San Francisco
    • San Francisco – San Diego
    • San Diego – San Francisco
    • San Francisco – Las Vegas
    • Las Vegas – San Diego
    • San Diego – San Francisco
    • San Francisco – San Diego
    • AND TODAY…. San Diego – Las Vegas
    • THEN WEDNESDAY Las Vegas – Los Angeles

    And it doesn’t stop. And it won’t be stopping for a few more weeks for a bit. Holy suitcases, Batman. Several of those trips listed above included the kiddos. Half the time I haven’t been with them. Half the time I am on the road, half the time it’s on a plane. Am I losing it a little? Maybe. Is all of this worth it? There are days when I say YES and days when I cry myself to sleep with a resounding “no.” I’ve had to order 3 sets of contacts because some times I forget to bring the dailies… so now I have boxes everywhere. I’ve bought something like 12 toothbrushes and every week I am at the grocery multiple times for last minute items that are left in other cities. It’s not fun, not one bit. The first time I was saying, “yay! Adventure!” Then lately it’s been a lot more cursing. Realized I got so booked that I have to sit back and be grateful while also missing Mother’s Day with my kids in another city and away from me, and missing my son’s birthday next week.

    I know what you’re thinking: I did this to myself. And you’re right. I do choose to work hard in constant hopes that there’s this pot of gold at the end of this whacked-out rainbow. I know there’s a lot of “girl power” out there but there’s also a huge part of me that doesn’t think women are cut out to work this hard and raise a family. I’m pushing through people, I can do this! The few déjà vu moments I’ve had the last couple weeks have put me at ease with the current events, that’s for sure!

    For those who aren’t 90’s kids, the reference in the title is to a TV show called Where In The World is Carmen San Diego? No, really. A great show where you had to solve puzzles using clues and your BRAIN to figure out where this woman was. So where am I? Depends on the question. Do you mean location or state of mind? Because location doesn’t matter since it’s always changing. State of mind? Well… let’s just say, the only thing consistent about me is my inconsistency, unless it’s family… so there’s that.

    I am happy to report that very soon I will be settling down with my family to a place I’ve committed myself to for at least* five years. Those who know Jeff and I know that we can’t sit still in one place, but we have resigned to possibly “easier living”… and I’ll get in to more detail there later. For now, here are some snaps from a week ago while out in Point Loma. A bright and sunny day with all that gorgeous San Diego weather. The smiles are real, and so are the droopy-eyed stares. Have a great week everyone! <3

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    Photos by: Jeff Cruz

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