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    Whine With Me Wednesday – Changing the Way We Treat a “Hook Up” (Video!)

    Ohhhh here I go. I attempted doing these last October of 2014 .. recorded a few and then felt all kinda of weird putting my thoughts and opinions out there.. with video. Blogging is one thing… VLOGGING is quite another. But at the end of the day I said “what the hell, PUBLISH.”

    I would like to be able to do these posts weekly. I will admit this week I started with a very cheap inexpensive bottle of wine, it was super random since it was suggested to me on a recent trip at Trader Joe’s, the lady was so nice that I just had to grin and buy it because she was raving about a wine that costs $3.99.. so a part of me was like, “sure lady.” Surprisingly? LOVED it. Went back for more today because: $3.99!

    Anyhow my hope for these mid-week posts is that somewhere out there, another person sits at home wanting to crack open a bottle of wine and has no one to enjoy it with. Well, friend in Inter-Space, I’m here. At least for 7.5 minutes, to accompany you with your first glass. Let’s whine, shall we?

    Why am I still typing? Let’s let the vlog do the talkin’.

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