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    Whine With Me Wednesday – (Video!) – Parenting in Public, and Being Confused While Shopping

    Definitely needed to post another Whine With Me Video since it’s been a while. I have about a dozen of these stashed up that still need to be edited together.. ohh.. it’s not laziness people but I was not prepared for the upload time, the piecing together, the rendering, the exporting, the upload to YouTube.. man! Too much work. I will get on them asap, since I don’t want it to be the new year and I have Halloween decor in the background. But c’est la vie!

    This video I was joined by another blogger on The Sister Files – Elyse! I’ve realized our videos are more like podcasts in which we are just chatting away and taking about 10 minutes to get to the point. But the only point of these videos is that YOU, yes YOU, at home, have a bottle ready and a glass filled, and some people to drink with online. (Preferably at 5pm, although no one is judging!) That being said, Elyse and I cover confusions while shopping nowadays, some bits on Trader Joe’s and Costco, and most importantly… PARENTING IN PUBLIC. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave comments and even topics for future vlogs! Hope you’re all having a FABULOUS week! <3 Talia


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