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    Whine With Me Wednesday! (Video) To Have a 3rd Child or Not…

    Another video I finally got around to editing… seriously I can sit with Naomi and just laugh and laugh for hours. We go off on so many tangents, we joke around a lot, we aren’t easily offended by ANYTHING, we aren’t always “politically correct”, but it’s completely real and raw conversation.

    The thing with views is, they change. We all know that. Views can change, outlooks are always questioned and time/situations can change mindsets.

    These videos are really just for anyone who’s home, wants a virtual wine buddy or two, and a laugh here and there. And like the disclaimer says, if you’re easily offended: lighten up! These aren’t for you. If you’re enjoying these, send me some more topics to cover, and I’ll be happy to do so! <3 Talia

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