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    Whispers of Mana – A New Book Series

    Written by: Preston Skye Soriano

    Hello everyone!

    This is bit of a more personal post today. I have written and published a new book called Servitude, which is the first of my series Whispers of Mana. This is an epic fantasy story that centers around a character named Saria who becomes traumatized after witnessing a horrific act as a child. This has her to make huge life altering decisions that cause the main plot to unfold. The story has knights, castles, nobles, and peasants, not to mention the frequent intense combat scenes. I wish I could give more details because I’m REALLY excited to share this with everyone, but I can’t give away any spoilers and it’s driving me absolutely MAD.

    So, instead I shall give you a preview, a taste if you will. For the first time on the interwebs, here is the prologue of Whispers of Mana: Servitude.


    Saria’s heart pounded. Hard, fast, determined. The only sound she could hear was her breath forcing its way in and out of her lungs; her feet barely touched the polished wooden floor as she ran. She felt the blood coursing through her, sweat beading on her skin like a cool blanket. She turned and weaved through the corridors, ignoring the wet heat running down her face. She kept her eyes straight forward as she approached her destination. There, tucked away in a small crack against the wall was a long spiraling staircase. The design which was made to hinder large parties from entering the chambers of the Dycanis was now working in her favor. Step by step, she grew closer to her target. Tonight, she would end it all. Tonight, she would set her people free.

    At the top of the staircase Saria stopped, panting; she was running out of time. Looking down, the hallway continued before her dissolving into darkness. She reached her hand up and ran her fingers along the intricate details of one of the golden sconces on the tower wall. Saria closed her eyes, following the ridges. She bit her lip, searching carefully. Within moments, her finger had found its way into a nearly invisible groove, and she pressed down firmly. The sound of stones scraping together echoed around her. Saria leapt into the opening before it finished collapsing into the floor. She ran through the pitch black staircase set before her, knowing every twist and curve of the spiral ascent. At last, she came upon a giant wooden door surrounded by candelabras and tapestries. The fires of the candles flickered with bright sapphire blue light. She pulled out a large ornate key from a pocket sewn into the inside of her sleeve and thrust it into the lock on the door. Once she heard the click, she slammed her body into the wood, bursting it open to her prize.

    Before her he sat, frail and grey. His desk was cluttered with papers and candles that also shone with the same eerie blue. Quills laid scattered, soaked black with fresh ink. The Dycanis looked at her, horror and sadness in his eyes. He stood from his chair, struggling as his legs trembled. Saria’s brow was creased as she glared at this man, heaving in exhaustion and anger as she stared him down. This was the man that had caused her people so much grief; this fragile old man with wrinkles on his robes and covering his skin like creeping frost. His cold dark eyes stared at her, waiting for her to move. The dagger she grasped so tightly suddenly felt heavy in her hand. She gripped it tighter, yelling in incoherent anger. Was this really happening? she wondered. Was she to become a murderer?

    If you’ve gotten this far and you are intrigued, I am going to be doing a GIVEAWAY of 3 of the VERY FIRST COPIES of my book through my Facebook page. Head on over and like, check out the giveaway, and grab your copy! The release date is June 1, 2016- TOMORROW, but you can pre-order now for the Kindle.

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    Photos above by: Natalia Cruz

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