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    Who You Just “Friended” On Facebook

    Dear anyone who has recently become a Facebook Friend,

    Who did you just follow/add?

    I had over 40 requests recently that I kiiiinda left sitting there for a while. I have my reasons which I will list below, but mostly it’s because I do know you, I know I like you as a person, buuuuut I am not sure if you’re ready for the kind of things I choose to post on my personal Facebook. See, I chose to use my Instagram now for wine updates because I am trying to cut down on posting too much about my kids on that. I set up a private Snapchat to share those special family snaps with people who really know my family… and then there’s Twitter which I hardly use. I choose to use my Facebook for posts that almost always will shed light on things I am truly passionate about.

    Reasons you might be following/adding me:

    1. We went to high school together
    2. You’re family .. Hi Mom!
    3. You’re an actual FRIEND who keeps in touch outside of social media land (I can count 5 of you… and I like it that way!)
    4. You’re part of the Vaccine Resistance Movement/Other Anti-Vax group online and we share similar views
    5. You’re a libertarian .. not a LIBERAL, a LIBERTARIAN. Huge difference. Huuuuuge.
    6. You’re a client… I’ve either shot your wedding or family photos or what have you
    7. You met me once, and we exchanged info
    8. You’re a fellow church member
    9. You have a love for (mostly red) wine like myself and like those updates
    10. You were told by another mom friend we have mutually to follow me for my parenting tips- or lack thereof – through this blog
    11. You don’t know me at all and this was all just a big mistake, go ahead and un-friend!
    12. I am the pump-queen .. huge advocate for mamas who breastfeed and/or pump.. I even take time to share and PM with moms who want any help!

    At any given moment, I will post about:

    1. The dangers of vaccines. You can read more into that here and here. (just for starters… there’s more, and I can invite you to groups I’m in if you want to further educate yourself!) I have lost many “friends” due to posts like this and I really do not care, the private messages alone from all the mothers who agree with me or want more information or actually DO their research on ingredients means more to me…This whole issue is more important, hope you understand!
    2. A fun family post either about a recipe we had or time we spent with the kids.
    3. Why “GUN CONTROL” is idiotic and if you are pro-gun control you are actually PRO GUNS for the elite and the government, just not civilians. If you are someone who truly believes that guns kill people, go ahead and click that un-friend button, because you are part of the problem.
    4. Why Hillary Clinton is an awful choice for America.
    5. Why we cannot raise up bratty children (one of my biggest pet peeves!)
    6. How political correctness is killing us.
    7. Something cute my kids did. Or said. Or both.
    8. A post linking THIS BLOG of course, since I do that.
    9. Something about wine perhaps.
    10. Maybe one or two posts about chemtrails because really WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE!?
    11. A YouTube video for whatever reason.
    12. Hypocrisy. How “FACTS CANNOT BE RACIST”.

    See? That’s pretty normal right? I am not* just a wedding photographer, I am not* just a mom, I am not* just a vaccine resistance advocate…just like you, there is more to me than who you went to high school with. If you want to just follow along for my photography, well, I have a separate FB and IG for that, so you don’t have to deal with anything personal. I cannot help the way I am wired, I just see truths and have to share! Also, since I work from home, I have time to, browse/read up. I try to stay away from news outlets like CNN, NBC, FOX.. all the biased media. I prefer following podcasts and freelance journalists – feel free to private message me if you’re interested in who I trust with my news! They are paid by the public, through donations to keep going. They are not going to sit there and report for the liberal media.

    Other things in case you’re still confused:

    1. I am a Christian. I believe that God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins, and yours.
    2. My husband and I are full time wedding photographers
    3. We have two amazing kids!
    4. I help run a livelihood project in Manila called Bars to Bears – 100% non-profit
    5. I am co-founder of an artisan luxury bag line. Our bags are made-to-order. Pretty great project as well, if you care to look in to it. 🙂 I have to post about this one.. eventually.
    6. I love to write, obviously.
    7. I love to travel, with kids or without. We do both, and often!

    Do things get kinda confusing around here? Yeah, but that’s what a good glass of wine is for. I am asked often how I do it all… and if you read #1 again, you’ll know the answer. It is truly through HIM, that I can make it through another day, week, or month. I know I have a lot on my plate. I’m busy, but I do know how to decompress. So there you have it. That’s me, currently, in 2016… in a nutshell.

    **Below are snaps by the husband… enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony – rocking that overalls/tube-top look that used to get me “dress code violations” in high school! 😉

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    ^My happy face, clearly!

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    Photos by: Jeff Cruz

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