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    Wild and Crazy Curls For Kids! – Fun Hairstyles for Children (video)

    I wanted to share a fun hairstyle my daughter has been rockin’ lately. She’s calling it her “wild and crazy curls”. We posted a video below for those who don’t wanna read through, but it’s pretty much as easy as:

    1. Shower. Let hair air-dry until it’s just slightly damp.
    2. Grab a bunch of bobby pins. Take hair that’s been combed through and start pulling at random sections. You don’t want the pieces too thick.
    3. Begin twisting the hair until it’s twisted all the way through, take that piece and hold the middle while the bottom part goes closer to the scalp. Begin twisting that around until it almost balls up, then take the bobby pin and push it through.
    4. Let child sleep… go ahead and sleep yourself. 😉
    5. The following morning, be sure to give yourself enough time to untwist these. Start by removing all bobby pins.
    6. Twist each individual piece the opposite way until you’ve unraveled the curl. Make sure to do this slowly so you don’t end up with a big tangled ball.
    7. Brush hair through and watch it poof! I would suggest actually unraveling and brushing the lower pieces first. I always forget to do this and I end up looking through wild hair for pieces I might’ve missed.
    8. Style as you wish!

    And that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and fun tutorial. My daughter ends up keeping these in for a few days, showering still but with a bun and shower cap on. Be sure to brush the hair a few times a day so it doesn’t get tangled. Let me know how it works for you as well! <3


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