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    Winter W(h)ine


    That video was great! I know you went through so much to get that dang gun. BUT that’s a good thing. It would be super concerning if you just walked in and out same day. That gun license test is bananas easy. I remember last time when I went to the gun range with Dad in San Bruno I picked up a practice test. Some of those questions were so dumb I was scared reading through it.  Like: “It is always safe to fire a gun into the air. T of F?” You should definitely go to the range with Dad next time you’re in SF!

    Can I just say you aren’t missing out on anything right now. I not only had to dig my car out of the snow yesterday just to get to work (took almost 2 hours….) but last night coming home I had to dig my self a parking spot. UGH. I don’t know how I’m gonna handle this winter. Thinking of picking up a huge bag of road salt to keep in the car juuuusssttt in case. It hasn’t snowed today so hopefully that keeps going but there’s so much snow on the ground that just getting to the car I sank knee deep into a pile of the stuff. I honestly don’t know how people even lived here a century ago.

    The car after being parked for two days….

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    So I figured here’s another set from vacation! Sunshine and wine… Delightful. You know that in New York state stores are not allowed to sell liquor/wine and beer under the same roof? I still have a hard time getting used to it. Some days after work I just want to spontaneously pick up a bottle of wine and drink it in the tub. 🙁

    Speaking of work I’ve gotta start getting ready! Chat soon!



    Top: Handmade

    Shorts: Goodwill

    Sunnies: NastyGal

    Shoes: Amazon

    Socks: ASOS

    Bag: eBay

    Looking at these pictures I realize that my hair needs a touch up. It’s getting yellow-grey right now…

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    You see these legs? Haven’t shaved them in years!

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