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    Woven Dream Dress


    So great to see all those vow renewal pictures together. Really puts the whole day in perspective. It’s so hard to step back and take in the whole picture when we were so focuses on everything else. How does the table look? What time will people be showing up? Where does this or that look best? Where are the kids?? So glad we got a chance to share in the day with you. All of the “bridesmaids” dresses look amazing together, too!

    Sorry about not writing the other day. I had some orders to fill and  combined with working and cleaning it was tough to find a quiet/calm moment and type. I have Tuesday/Wednesday off this week (back-to-back days off haven’t happened in a while..) which means I am definitely going to cook up something great from that package of Omaha Steaks that you sent us. Thank you again big time for that. I haven’t had Omaha Steaks since waaayyy back in the day. Probably 2007/2008. Brings back a whole lot of weird/funny/wild memories.

    I wanted to do a post about Bombay Mermaid today. I know I’ve linked her website before (and also featured some of her fantastic work on this blog). Michelle is a super creative force to be reckoned with. I am always so in awe of her energy and ability to build such a gorgeous, festive world wherever she goes. I definitely need some of that energy on the regular and always want to know what her secret is but, for  now, seeing her success’ lights a fire in me to keep working hard and persevering. It’s so wonderful to have inspiring people in your life. Even better that she’s my sister-in-law! 🙂

    I was honored to wear this awesome woven dress she made for a runway show last year. It’s so gorgeous and colorful there was no need to go overboard on the styling. Just a couple of simple things to highlight how amazing this dress is.



    Jacket/Necklace: Borrowed

    Dress: Handmade by Michelle Christina Larsen

    Shoes: Amazon


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