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    Yonanas! (Video)

    One of my favorite recent purchases for the holiday season was a Dole Yonanas maker! I saw one of these at an airport convention (don’t ask why I was there…) over the summer and I thought I would only see these at a Kiosk in the near future-so I was pretty shocked to see it at Costco and for only $39.99! They carried smaller ones but you can find larger versions on their website. My kids are big fans of frozen yogurt.. but half the time you don’t know what they’re putting in there. What was shocking about this is that the only ingredient is: FRUIT. You read that right… just fresh frozen fruit (mostly ripe bananas), thaw them out for 15-20 minutes and then place them in your Yonanas maker…push them down and watch it churn instantly! This thing is too good to be true.. just had to share it with you all! And here are the kiddos demonstrating:


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