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    You Better Belize It!

    Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk

    The perfect recipe for wanderlust. Add some friends who have a passport and a “Hell Yes Carpe Diem” personality type and you are about to jet set towards a tropical mystery paradise! Um? Where is Belize anyways? I believe it’s near Cancun and Cuba but geographically it’s never caught my eye. I’m about to find out as I fly in on a “very” last minute red eye.

    I’ve learned that my universe aligns more readily with the type of people who don’t ask too many questions but are more or less say “Hell Yes” and are open minded to anything life throws our way. These type of friends are in for any sort of adventure, and when you’re with these type of people the universe aligns and even though you didn’t plan much (ok didn’t plan at all) a magical red carpet rolls out and guardian angels keep the road from getting bumpy.
    You might think I’m crazy but attitude really is everything… Especially if you’re “lucky” (insert sarcasm here) enough to come along on one of my “Mr. Toad Wild Adventure rides!!! Trust me 85% of you really would dislike the way I travel! These trips are not for the faint hearted and you don’t quite comprehend the whirlwind of exactly what took place until weeks after the trip. It all starts in the fast lane and the entire “vacation” is spent exploring with little to no downtime. So yes. I know. Not exactly everyone’s cup of tea or idea of a “relaxing vacation”. I don’t lay out, nap, sit in a hammock or wade in an all inclusive resort pool. I swim with sharks, jump off of massive waterfalls, hike to the highest peaks on the island, and sort of create my own energizer bunny fitness triathlon that includes swimming, hiking, biking, and any other activity that seems to be full of adrenaline. I always come home from a vacation in better physical shape than when I left and no matter what. No matter how calm and relaxing the vacation is meant to be, adventure seeks me out and even when I don’t plan on it I end up in an extremely accelerating adventure. Sometimes I laugh and think to myself. “Wow. This is nuts. If I make it it’s going to be one hell of a story!”.
    My circle of friends has some crazies in it just like me. Thursday at 8:00pm a friend texts me an amazing flight deal. $298 round trip to Belize just karate chopped my Stagecoach plans right off the shelf. I forward it to one of my favorite last minute adventure buddies. She immediately writes back. “You want to leave… And fly to a different country... 12 hours from now??? I work. Let me get it covered. Book it! I’m in.” It ripple effects and another friend is not about to miss out on this last minute escapade. She also gets work covered and jumps on the fun train… Or plane.
    Let me tell you about these type of “YES” people. I “freaking” love them. They rock my world. Some of my favorite life experiences have all been extremely last minute trips gone great. They are my people, they are me. They stress out “Type A” personalities almost to the point of a heart attack. Instant High blood pressure when you mix these two types together on an impromptu vacation.
    I do LOVE my organized friends in every other aspect of my life. I actually don’t know where I would be without them. I love traveling with them more than anything but I am aware that the trip MUST be more organized and detailed in order for them to let lose and have a great time. My type A travelers are the best. 99.9 percent of the time they have tied the loose strings before I even knew the string was loose. They’ve bumped us to first class or business free of charge by researching. An example I will never forget is being at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France and being told that I needed tickets 3 months in advance to go to the top. I was devastated. Crushed, but guess what? This planning comes in handy when you have a researcher travel companion who grins and chuckles and even teases me as he pulls the tickets purchased 4 months prior out of his back pocket. These planners. They keep me grounded and I admire them full heartedly. Yet sometimes I crave that wild raw and unplanned chaos of an adventure that swirls you beyond your comfort zone and into the abyss. You meet people and see things you never would have otherwise. You’re forced to  use your instincts in your own survival techniques to get by. Over researching for my takes a little of the magic out of it. I want to feel like Christopher Columbus as he embarks onto a new piece of land and decipher it completely on my own. I don’t read the trip advisor reviews. There are a lot of negative and hilariously grumpy people out there. Travel is imperfectly perfect. It’s not home. That comfort zone that you are comparing the new destination to is obsolete. You cannot compare a new place to anywhere you’ve been or anywhere you live because it stands on its own. Unique in all its raw unapologetic beauty.
    I can’t wait to tell you all about our last minute trip to Belize. (Next Blog) The hidden gems we found and the places we recommend you skip.
    As for being able to convince me in a matter of seconds to travel somewhere (anywhere) with you at the drop of a dime, all I can say is it looks like that lasse faire attitude is going to benefit people this Summer. Through my friends in the travel industry I have heard that there are going to be lots of last minute “error fares”. I believe that Error fares are a propaganda stunts used to increase tourism to a certain destination. We all saw the round trip SAN to Iceland for $399. Or the LAX- SYDNEY for $596 R/T. Yes these fares are real, the catch is you have about 10- 15 minutes to lock your ticket in at that price before they sell out of the promotion. The trips aren’t until 2-3 months later but most people think, and overthink. These fares are scooped up by people like me who jump before looking to see where they are landing.
    So far life has blessed me with incredible adventure friends and perfectly unplanned trips that don’t seem to skip a beat. Yes, everything falls magically into place, and when it doesn’t it ends up being a funny memory we can all laugh about later. Maybe try it. Just once. Getting out of that comfort zone of having to control every aspect because when you visit a new destination, there are so many variables that cannot be accounted for. Ride the wave instead of fighting the current.
    The Landlocked Mermaid

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